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The components of a backlink

In your HTML code, a backlink is specify by the <a> tag of the link,
which contains the your website target url:

The <a> tag defines a hyperlink, which is used to link from your page to another page and opens and closes around one or more keywords, which make up the link anchor .
It is on this expression that the Internet user can click to access the linked content.

<a href= “”>link anchor</a>

For Google to start checking the quality of a backlink, the link anchor must be relevant to the targeted content that you want redirect for: it must allow it to be defined or at least encourage action in a specific context.

Appropriate theme and semantics . Thus, a link anchor like for example General De Gaulle that would point to Napoleon wiki page would run more risk of not being considered relevant... and that will affect your SEO rank, another example,

The following anchors are much more so:

All the European emperors, <a href=>Napoleon 1er </a> is undoubtedly one of the best known.

If you want to know more about Napoleon <a href=>click here for more</a>.

Napoleon's Wiki page will teach you more about Napoleon history include full content:
<a href=>éon</a>

Then, to constitute a good backlink, it is not only necessary that the anchor of the link should include a report with the contents of the target page,

but also that the page transmitting the link deals with a similar or identical topic .


Thus, if the link that redirect to Napoleon wiki page is inserted in an article describing only the life of General De Gaulle, there is no good chance for Google to judge it qualitative and that was clear in the first article and will affect your SEO rank... On the other hand, if it is inserted in an article describing the great French military figures and this content gives much importance to Napoleon as to General De Gaulle the link then begins to find its coherence in the eyes of Google compared to a given context.